Friday, February 13, 2009

My uterus has made me stupid

I finally figured out why I can't think of anything to write about lately - pregnancy brain. See, most nights on the couch I have plenty of blog ideas, I write them out in my head, and then intend to dazzle you with interest the next day. Then the next day comes around and it's nothing but tumbleweeds. Much like the whole cravings thing, I never totally bought into that whole "all my blood and energy is going into making a person, so there's none left for my brain" phenomenon. Ah... jokes on me.

One of my strengths has always been my memory and general put-togetherness. If you do or tell me something, I'll remember it. You'll get a card on your birthday and I can tell you all kinds of anecdotes from our past together. And believe me, if anyone gets to carry the title of Most Flighty and Forgetful in this household, it is NOT me. In fact, I'm pretty sure our entire relationship to this point has hinged upon me being the rememberer of all things relevant to life and then making sure that B actually executes them. The system is failing!

In other pregnancy related news, we had the 4 month appointment yesterday and all is well. Weight - good, Blood Pressure - good, Heartbeat - good. We also made the appointment to find out the sex of the baby in three weeks. Yea!!

According to the old wives' tale about the heartbeat, 152 beats per minute means we're having a girl. And according to this super random Chinese Gender Chart I found, we're also predicted to have a girl. But I still think it's a boy. Feel free to start placing your bets now. It only seems appropriate that people should be using this opportunity to make a little money.


Strongmama said...

J's heartbeat was around 150 the entire time. This time it started out higher, but has gotten a litle lower into the high 140s. I still say girl because you seem to be having the same exact symptoms that I am experiencing right now. Think the preggo brain is bad? Just wait until you have mommy brain and have complete conversations with people and then leave and ask, "What did I just talk about?" That was the most disturbing of all the first time it happened. I used to remember stuff really well, too. Now I just make sure I write it all down.

GIANTS FAN said...

now that I have been through menapause I can soooo understand what your going through, and now you know how it feels love ya

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