Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cupid - no, Candy - yes

Today is Valentine's Day and I swear to god I wouldn't even know or remember if it weren't for all the media reminders. And I'm not an angry Valentine, I've never gone on any tirades about it being a "Hallmark Holiday" or anything like that, but it does feel very invented to me and I kind of just don't get it. It holds the same place in my life as St. Patrick's Day - if it happens to be on a weekend and if I happen to not be doing anything else, than I may go out for a drink if someone else brings up the idea. Other than that, I'm pretty much out.

When I was single I would make these really great care packages for my girlfriends to tell them how much I loved them, and that was great because it involved all of the creativity and none of the expectations. But the absolute most that B and I have ever done for Valentine's Day is Dollar Store Valentines Day. And if you're in the mood for something different, I highly recommend it. You get a $10 allowance and get to give your sweetheart all kinds of stupid, ugly, random, and funny crap that lets you have fun, take off the pressure, and kind of make fun of the holiday all at the same time. We didn't do that this year because we're trying so hard to weed stuff out, but it's been fun in the past. Other than that, for six Valentine's Days there hasn't been a single dinner, not one rose, and I'm pretty sure not any chocolates.

And this year it seems like we get an even better excuse for forgoing the holiday. On my end, nothing says I love and appreciate you like letting your unborn child wreak havoc on my body. And on his end, nothing says I love and appreciate you like dealing with your non-stop nausea during the first trimester, waiting on you hand and foot when your back inevitable gives out during the third trimester, and being willing to still sleep in the same bed with you during your NON STOP FARTING of the second trimester. Love comes in all forms.

In reality, the biggest and most important symbolism for me is the candy. Valentine's Day signals the beginning of Candy Season. It's no secret that my love of candy is deep and pure and the sweet tart hearts that I snack of for all of January and February do a good job of tiding me over until Easter. Easter candy is like crack to me. Of all the candy ever invented, Easter candy is the top of the top for me. Jelly beans, black jelly beans, Cadbury Cream Eggs, PEEPS... I can't say enough.

I mentioned in my Little Chirps that I was averaging 4 Cadbury Cream Eggs a week and that has held very firm. Every Sunday at Wegmans I buy 4 and by Friday or Saturday they're gone and I need more. And admittedly, as I've gotten older and more sugar and health conscious I've eaten less Easter candy than I used to. But that was before I was pregnant. If you could only see the devilishly huge Peep-induced smile on my face right now, you'd understand the purity of my love.

So whatever you're doing for Valentine's Day, I hope it meets your expectations. I'll be spending mine skipping through the candy aisle at Wegmans.


feather nester said...

Toddler Tamer and her husband used to have a contest with a $5 limit each year to see who could buy the other the funniest/tackiest V-day gift.

The Husband and I are actually celebrating with a date night this year, but more because we realize that we really should be having a date night once a month and are not doing it. V-day kind of gives us that push to remember to take care of ourselves as a couple. Even so, we're delaying our observance of the day til next weekend because we hate how restaurants jack up the price for the real day.

Enjoy your candy! The pregnancy license is a great one and doesn't last forever. Sigh.

Strongmama said...

Yep, the contest was for cheesiest valentine. One year B gave me parmesan cheese carved in the shape of a heart. It was pretty fun. And useful!

I'm such a lover of the candy-- especially the sweet tarts, but I'm trying to be good because the pounds are packing on even though I am being good. So anytime you feel like describing how good the candy is, I wouldn't mind.

Yum said...

I'm pretty sure that if we work hard enough, you and I could devour all of the PEEPS on the East Coast. And I'm willing to make the commitment to try.

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