Monday, March 16, 2009

Signs of Spring

For the first time in months (years, it feels like) we saw some very discernible signs of Spring around here. The time change (AKA: The Light change) has helped a LOT. I don't feel like we're living in a cave anymore whereby we wake up to blackness, cook dinner in blackness, and have moments of snowy clouds in between. Both Saturday and Sunday were bright and sunny and warm-ish ALL DAY. And despite the fact that we haven't been home in several weekends and were gone Saturday from 9am - 10:30pm, we couldn't resist the sun yesterday. No chores were accomplished, no check marks on the Honey Do list, no packing or cleaning got done. Yesterday was devoted to increasing our Vitamin D levels. And all of the "not getting things done" from yesterday is giving me a little bit of Monday morning anxiety, but it was totally worth it.

We got some sandwiches from a local bakery and took them to the falls to have a little picnic with the fly fishermen and soak up the rays. After that it was coffee at the local hipster coffee shop that is SO trendy it doesn't even have a sign - I'm surprised you don't need a password to get it. Then we picked up a prenatal yoga DVD so my lack of movement doesn't turn me into a pregnant statue and then home to grill!

One of many fly fishermen that were at the falls yesterday.

Didn't I tell you that I had popped?! I mean - wow! This is dramatically different from even last weekend. I never got our "cute couple at the falls" picture, so we settled for the "boring, by the empty fireplace after we got home" picture.

B's grill creations of shrimp appetizers and chicken and veggie kabobs - so amazing!


Ouiser said...

damn. i totally had one of those videos. i must've given it away. sorry.

do you have access to a pool? i would highly recommend getting into a pool to work out if you can. it'll be easier on your back, and it will keep you from swelling up.

feather nester said...

So glad you got out to enjoy the sun! And yes, Ouiser and I have been talking about how we needed to suggest swimming to you. Have you tried that?

DinoDiva said...

Come take water aerobics at Island. I have had lots of pregnant women take my class and love it! (And the old women in my class will adore you and just tell you everything about being a mommy)

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