Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Design Love

Look at these beauuuuutiful envelope wrap arounds - I'm in love. And they're so cheap! 50 labels for $13, sold in a variety of patterns at TapeSwell. They have all kinds of other great products over there as well, including tons of decorative packing tape to make your packages that much prettier.

As a frequent cook, you can never underestimate the value of an apron. If you only knew how many of B's sweatshirts (ummm... all of them) are stained because he forgot to put on his Giants apron while cooking, you would understand. This apron is so beautiful it looks like a dress! I don't own a full length apron, so that made me love this even more. Gorgeous!!! Makes me think of the good ol' days when cooking involved music in the kitchen and a glass of wine in my hand. It's more functional and less fun these days, but that won't last forever. I think I should have something this lovely to celebrate my eventual return to drunken cooking! Smocks Design - $39.95

(Both products seen on The Today Show yesterday from blogger Daily Candy)

1 comment:

GIANTS FAN said...

went to both web sites they are great.I have seen those aprons at several cooking stores,when I was in cal. and OR. I want that address tape. See you soon.

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