Friday, July 31, 2009

Even the cats are ready...

Dizzy realized today that the changing pad is an absolutely lovely and snugly place to lie down. And while it's really not something we'll encourage, I get the appeal. It's soft, curved, and right under the fan. Now if only I could communicate this to Baby Girl... "If you don't get here soon the cats are going to lay claim to your very pretty nursery and since YOU'RE NOT HERE to defend the territory, there's very little I can do to help."

I sat in her glider the other day and tried to explain the appeal of the nursery to encourage her arrival. I told her that all of mommy's wonderful and lovely craft items have been relegated to a stack of boxes in the garage just so that she could have her own room! I also explained that daddy has to do his homework, access Facebook, work out, store a guest mattress, and scoop the kitty litter all in the same room SO SHE COULD HAVE HER OWN ROOM. I even explained that she had the newest furniture in the house and was the recipient of the fancy paintings and the home made shiny hot pink curtains - all things that are far superior to my high school bed frame and the blinds that came with the house that the master bedroom holds.

So it's either one of two things: She has no appreciation for good design and it's importance (which I refuse to believe, because she's MY daughter) OR that she was waiting for me to finish her specially made curtains because she understands the transformative power that window treatments can have on a room. That was B's theory. Basically, that she's a diva and wanted that room completed before moving in. So the curtains are done (can't give you pictures until we get the right curtain rod up) and now we'll see what the weekend holds.

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