Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Preparations

Sorry about the long posting delay. I've been meaning to put these pictures up for a while but laziness took over. I'm 39 1/2 weeks today and everything is still pluggin' along. I continue to have tons of Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing real yet. And yesterday she dropped pretty significantly, so I guess that's a good sign. We're sick of all the waiting and breathless anticipation though.

I was hoping that Murphy's Law would kick in today and I'd go into labor purely based on the fact that someone is coming to clean the furniture and I'd be forced to cancel the appointment, but they arrive in a few hours so it's not looking good.

This was last Friday, at 39 weeks.

And remember when I mentioned that we were making food to freeze? Well I bet you didn't think I meant In Case of a Month Long Nuclear Meltdown. Yeah... we have a lot of food. The top shelf is all B - lots of sauce and homemade meatballs, plus some calzone filling and pizza dough. Then we have stuffed shells (with fresh herbs and the homemade sauce), and tacos. After that it's chicken parm, turkey chili, and shrimp. And finally we have homemade salsa and Ouiser's super delicious enchiladas. As you can see we rocked the FoodSaver and it's vacuum sealing super powers.

The other project was the two hospital gowns. I had been planning this since before I even got pregnant and with the help of my mom we were able to turn it into a reality a few weeks ago. Wearing a gown that someone else has worn actually didn't bother me, but the general ugliness and other flaws did. The gowns are way too long for a short person, the necks are way too high (which I hate, regardless of what I'm wearing), they don't cover your ass as you're walking down the hall, and they're always ugly.

So I bought some fabric and my mom snagged a gown from her hospital that we altered to create a better version: V-neck, snaps down both shoulders for easy breastfeeding, snaps alllll the way down the back so you can walk around, length is right below my knees, and it's way prettier. And really, if there's any time in life where you can do one very small thing to make yourself feel a little better, I really think this is it. After completion, there are only one or two things I would change on future gowns, but we'll tackle that the next time someone is pregnant and wants their own gown.

This the the Day 1 gown. I realize that black might seem strange to a lot of people, but black is my Happy Place. Much of my closet is black. I always feel a little better when I'm in black. Plus... black hides fluids better than other colors. Sorry, but it's true.

This is the Day 2 gown. Brighter, happier, less pain and more smiling baby.

This is the bottom - both gowns have a satin trim on them.


die Frau said...

So cute! Will you make me some when it's my time? (not yet--don't get ideas.) I agree that you MUST feel comfortable when you're having a baby, for crying out loud!

It sounds like you're about to have baby girl from what you've written, so know that I'm thinking of you!

Strongmama said...

great job on the food prep! I'm salivating at all of the italian yummies. turns out our little miss is sensitive to tomatoes, so I've had to lay off of all things with red sauce :(. Very posh hospital gowns! Are you going to fancy up the skidded socks they give you? And just wait till you see that hospital underwear-- so stylish!
Are you dilated at all yet? you look so cute!

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