Monday, August 3, 2009

Celebrating the due date... Just not with a baby

So this past weekend B and I did something revolutionary. We DID SOMETHING. We went to a minor league baseball game. Are you not immediately getting the significance? I don't blame you. Your life has probably been infinitely more interesting than ours. Until two months ago we'd spent the last three years living in a small town that, while beautiful, had very very little to do. And we took advantage of all of the natural wonders it had to offer, but after a while you want to be engaged with something other than trees and water.

This was my first minor league game and it was a great first game since we were given front row seats on the first base line. Very reminiscent of when I lived in Boston and scored box seats on the third base line. I couldn't have been less deserving of the Red Sox tickets because I had never even watched a baseball game at that point. At least now I'm forced to watch nightly Yankee games so I've developed an understanding of the game and some of it's nuances.

Here's the Pregnant Wife Holds My Beer trick, which never gets old in our house. I told B that I would share the enjoyment if the cup contained scotch instead of beer and a long straw to reach my mouth. (Note to self: Google "pump and dump" after finishing this post.)

As it turned out our team got their asses handed to them, but that part was irrelevant. It's the benefit of going to a game where you don't care about either team - it's fun either way. And then it got really memorable when B's dad pulled out all of the fun and creative stops and snuck away to arrange for the Chopper Shopper (Price Chopper's funny little triangle mascot) to drag Bryan and I onto the field, give us a personalized baseball for the Baby Girl that said "Good Luck XXXXXX" (you don't get to know the name yet), and wave into the camera. It was awesome!! Then the Chopper Shopper took a picture with me and the baseball, which some Price Chopper guy emailed from his iPhone.

So, we may have been boring before, but now that we live in a bigger city, have the house set up, and have a little stability, we're very excited to get into the world again. Now if we could just do it as a family of three instead of two...

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feather nester said...

Hooray for having such a good time! I'm sure she'll be a spectator at the next game you make it to.

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