Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gearing Up

I'm 38 1/2 weeks now and the final countdown has begun. The house and the nursery are pretty much put together, the custom made hospital gowns are done and will arrive in 2 days (a little mother/daughter project that I'll post pictures of when they arrive), and Sunday we spent $400 at the grocery store and came home with more food than I've ever seen in one place to make lots of food to freeze.

Sunday night B made gallons of homemade sauce and last night we spent 4 hours making 4 lbs of tacos, 5 pans of stuffed shells, 2 pans of chicken parmigiana, calzone filling, etc. Tonight is chili, enchiladas, and who knows what else. We pretty much bought out the Gladware aisle and have also gotten tons of use out of the FoodSaver that my mom got for us. That thing is genius!

Here is B with all of his chicken parm and some of the sauce containers behind him on the counter.

This was me last Friday night, but it's pretty much what I look like every night. Brace and cell phone nearby, pillow to attempt to hold up the belly, and laying down. According to the doctor everything is still going well - blood pressure is good, weight is good (gained 30 lbs so far), and he said she "looks long." It's only been in the last two days that I've felt really awkward and uncomfortable, but I think I made it longer than most people do before they feel that way, so that's nice.

Here's hoping that she's uncomfortable enough in there to want to come out on time!


Anonymous said...

I'll trade some wine for some of those chicken parms when I get there.

Love - DAD

Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful!! Bryan looks cute too lol

<3, Heather

die Frau said...

Nice job on the food! You do look beautiful. And it's like I said the other day, once you start feeling really uncomfortable, apparently that's a sign that things are about to happen! Good luck!

Wonderland said...

Oh Scarlet, you look amazing! And happy and exhausted. I can't wait to meet you little one when she comes. You guys are in my heart.

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