Tuesday, August 4, 2009

40+ weeks

I went to the doctor yesterday for the "now what do we do?" checkup. And of course the answer is "wait," but I still got some good info. She did an exam and determined that all signs are pointing in the right direction, so that's encouraging. She's still head down and most likely face down (for all the non-preggos out there, face down is what you want!).

I also apparently lost 2 pounds, which they said was normal, but I can't figure out where I lost it because it certainly didn't come from my hands or my feet. I literally can't even fit into my sneakers and my crocs, which I used to be able to wear with full wool socks (hot!) now require a little jamming to be wearable.

So basically we're hanging in there. My brother and B's best friend both call every day to see if there are any updates, which is adorable, but I think everyone else lost their patience this past weekend because the rest of the emails, texts, and Facebook messages have stopped. Apparently there was a collective feeling of "Eh, forget it. I'll just wait for the call."

B's best friend decided last night that the reason she isn't here is B's fault because he's spent his life as such a procrastinator and has passed that trait on, so she's thinking "Birth? Ehhhh... I can do that tomorrow." If that's true than karma's a bitch because she's killing her father with all of this uncertainty and waiting.


Anonymous said...

Well, its supposed to be a full moon tomorrow! Many babies are born under a full moon. We have both been focusing on all three of you.

DAD and Diana

feather nester said...

Yes, the full moon is a good omen! Here's hoping you're water will just break and you'll get the free ticket in to the hospital that I had. xoxo

die Frau said...

No, no, good luck! I didn't want to overwhelm you with texts and things. Thinking of you constantly!

Good luck and here's hoping baby girl comes SOON!

Strongmama said...

Extra spicy virgin bloody mary? worked for me this time. or maybe a really looong walk? or you know what else to do, right? wink, wink.

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