Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poll: Websites

Since you guys totally rocked the house with the last poll that we did - very helpful, by the way - I thought I'd put up another one that I'd like some help with.

What websites do you visit regularly?

And I don't mean, What websites are bookmared and are pretty cool, I mean, you wake up in the morning, you have the time to visit a very small sampling of websites while drinking your coffee before you have to get dressed for work - what do you look at?

I'm partially asking because I'd like to regularly visit more sites and partially asking to better understand what kind of media people are digesting.  And much like the music thing, don't get all lofty on me to impress people.  You can exclude email and social media (we all know you jump on Facebook before you're even showered).

Here's my list:

iGoogle - mine has news headlines, entertainment headlines, & my friend's blogs (what does yours have?)
Eonline - to read the daily gossip Q&A post, titled Bitch-Back, on The Awful Truth blog

That's pretty much it.  I think B's list is something newsy, Huffington Post, and ESPN.



Ouiser said...

mine is MSNBC, people, and ohdeedoh. every single day.

Erica your friendly Us Weekly reporter said...

Um, excuse me...

Alaina said...

popsugar, smittenkitchen, 101cookbooks, cnn, huffingtonpost, martha stewart craft of the day/organizing tip of the day, nomeatathlete

Jaynes Ave said...

GOOD magazine
Common Dreams
New York Times
... besides all the blogs I subscribe to! :-)

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