Monday, August 2, 2010

Design Love

Evening Dress
Pierre Balmain (1914 - 1982)
Silk organza with ostrich feathers, sequins, & rhinestones
Paris, about 1950
Ousier sent me this postcard after she and Stella visited this exhibit in person.  I literally GASPED when I opened my mailbox and saw this lying there.  Gasped.  And then stared in wonderment.  Now it's on my fridge and sometimes I wave it at B and say "It's an EVENING DRESS!  It's not even a wedding dress."

I am so jealous that this exhibit is closing in a month and I won't be able to see it for myself because I'm not kidding when I say that my heart beats faster just looking at this picture.


1 comment:

feather nester said...

How is it that you have this latent love of fashion and yet, you and I never go shopping together, never look at fashion magazines together, and rarely even talk about clothes together?!? We need to get dressed up together for more girl dates. xoxoxo

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