Monday, August 30, 2010

Back in the groove

Hello, campers! It's so nice to see you again.  Today marks the first day back to real life and off of summer vacation.  The suitcases are still packed, the laundry pile is mounting, and B goes back to school tonight. We extended last week's vacation in the Cape by doing a whole lotta nothing over the weekend.  Of course, this was made significantly easier by the fact that the high pollen levels have had me leveled for three days.  It's been nothing but tissues, claritin, and eye drops.  Sexy, yes?

So this is the week where we try to put the pieces back together of our criminally scattered and cluttered home, and then next weekend is Fall Family Schedule time.  We need to work out how to fit in two night classes, one dance class, a baby music class, workout schedules for both of us, homework time, meal planning, etc.  It's a beautifully boring life we lead.

To welcome you back in style, I'll leave you with this little incident from yesterday...

Relevant Background Info: When you're packing a bag to bring to the hospital to have a baby, you have to bring your own shower stuff - shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc.  The easiest way to do this is to buy little empty bottles and fill them.  When I did that last year, I labeled the top of each one "S," "C," & "L" (Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion) and they've been in our linen closet ever since.

Me (post-shower, yelling down to B in the living room): WE DON'T HAVE ANY LOTION LEFT! I FINISHED THE BASKET AND NEVER BOUGHT ANY MORE.

B (yelling up from the living room): YEAH WE DO, JUST USE THE LITTLE BOTTLE WITH THE "C" ON TOP.

Me (stunned, and now in the living room in my towel):  Uh... you mean the conditioner?

B: Huh?

Me: The bottle of conditioner?

B: What?

Me (holding the bottle): You mean this bottle of conditioner, marked with a "C" on top???


Me: (laughing so hard I have little happy-tears rolling down my cheeks)


Me: (still hyperventilating... still crying...)

B: I thought it smelled... off!! Not to MENTION that I've been thinking what shitty lotion it was!! I didn't even feel... hydrated after I used it!!!

Me: (no longer crying, but still gasping for air)

B: MAN!! I was WONDERING what the "C" meant!

Me: Oh My God!!  I just remembered the other night!!  You smelled so weird when you came to bed and I couldn't figure out why.  Ha!!!

B: I can not believe I've been rubbing CONDITIONER on myself for THREE DAYS.



Megan said...

He is such an idiot sometimes. Oh brother.

feather nester said...

I know I've mentioned this before, but it cannot be overstated how much I LOVE that you transcribe B's uppercase voice. God, I love that kid!

die Frau said...

Spasms of silent laughter here.

DinoDiva said...

I need to stop reading your blog at work. I can't stop laughing out loud!

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