Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween, safari style

I often underestimate how fun things are going to be in life and Halloween with the lioness was definitely one of those times.  I had no idea that when I put her in her lion costume how MUCH I would want to eat her face.  And I had no idea how adorable going trick-or-treating with a one year old could be. I mean, it sounds kind of pointless - she has no idea what candy is, goes to bed at 7:30p, and is easily distracted.  But I didn't realize how sweet it would be from our perspective. Like how weird B felt being the one to stand at the bottom of the driveway and not the one running up the driveway.  Or how great it was to see the world's tiniest little person standing inside a massive doorway with only a view of her big lion butt and a huge main of felt hair.

Between music class, B's work, a pre-Halloween visit to relatives, and Halloween itself, I drew that makeup on SIX different times.  She was a total champ though and just stood still while I did it. Yet another reason she rocks.


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