Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yet another reason 2 yr olds rock

Have I mentioned that I've been loving the 2 year old stage? The old adage is "the terrible twos" but every parent I've ever met has said that it's really "the terrible threes."

Charlotte and I had a seriously rough patch from 18mo-24mo. EverySingleThing was a huge battle. Every diaper change, every meal, every moment throughout the day was a struggle. And while some people/websites/etc. mentioned that toddler frustrations can come about because they can't talk, I figured that this couldn't possibly be the reason b/c it went on for SO LONG.

But. The moment she could really talk, her behavior turned on a dime and she's been pretty delightful ever since. She's animated and curious and a quick learner and a quick forgeter, and shockingly observant and always hysterical.

Almost all of the adorable two year old sayings come from the process of learning language and how to use it to figure out the world around them. This most recent example is so endearing that I think it should be a saying from now on. Kind of like the broken moon.

She was playing with stickers. I told her not to put the stickers on the chair... she put the stickers on the chair. I said that if she put one more sticker on the chair I was going to take the stickers away... I had to take the stickers away. Tears ensued.

As she was sitting next to me in a heap of tears I calmly re-explained what had happened, and that if she agreed to only put stickers on the paper, she could have them back. While she was mulling that over, she wiped her cheeks:

"Yeah (sniff, sniff), rainin' f'om my eyes"


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Giants fan said...

OMG she is defiantly her moms daughter. I'm glad your writing this all down

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