Thursday, March 22, 2012

1st kid, 2nd kid

1st Kid

Diaper bag contains roughly enough items to survive a zombie apocalypse:

Back-up outfits in case of spit up, poop explosions, etc.
Bottle in case can't breast feed where you're going
Formula in case can't breast feed where you're going
Hand sanitizer wipes
Lip gloss
Snacks for him, in case he ages 5 months during the outing and suddenly gets the munchies
Snacks for you, to keep blood sugars level at all times

2nd Kid

You have conversations like this:

B - Wait, we don't have a diaper bag packed for Everett
Me - Meh. We have some of his diapers in the middle console, that's fine.

Wallet, lip gloss, and diapers now just live permanently in the car, toys can be constructed from whatever old mail is lying around the back seat, and you can either jam the pacifier in his mouth to stave off starvation or breast feed in the driver seat of the parked car if necessary.


giants fan said...

sooo true, sitting here laughing my a-- off. my sister says by the time no.3 arrives they have to be dying before you get nervous :):)

Ouiser said...

I've been out with Thad NUMEROUS times and realized that I had no diapers or wipes at all (minus the Wet Ones that I keep in the glove compartment for spills and sticky fingers). Also, for the past several months I have had a little container of formula in case we're out when he needs a bottle, but I realized the other day that I've never managed to have a BOTTLE. I'm pretty sure that's a fail.

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